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Development of management documents

As the network is still in its nascent stages, priority has been given to strengthening the network’s management and operational structure so it can deliver on its mandate. In this regard, the Network’s focus in 2015 is:

  • Strategic framework for the EACRN
  • By-laws that will deal with parameters, membership, hosting criteria, etc.
  • Operational manual, code of conduct
  • Memoranda of Understanding with the hosting organization and INGOs

National Coalitions Capacity assessment

The network is currently undertaking a rapid assessment on the status of national child rights coalitions in the region. A rapid assessment will be useful in determining the status, nature and capacities of national child rights coalitions. Outcomes from the assessment will help in ascertaining the entry point for capacity building of national coalitions. Further, a rapid assessment provides an opportunity to identify best practices in terms of operations of national coalitions that can then be replicated in other coalitions in the region.

Expanding the network membership

In countries where national coalitions are non-existent, the network is working on setting up functional coalitions.

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