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Our Programs

PASAP Project

The Pan-African State Accountability Project (PASAP) is a multi-partner, multi-level pan-African project coordinated by the Plan African Union and Pan Africa Programme office. The PASAP project has been focused on addressing the gap that exists between policy-making and implementation affecting children’s rights (CR) in African countries. The project seeks to strengthen Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) capability and technical capacity to hold state actors within their respective countries accountable for the implementation and advocacy of child rights programming.

CSO Effectiveness

The Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Effectiveness program works with youth and children organizations and governments to create structures and policy frameworks for engaging youth and children in development effectiveness. The programme recognizes that the legitimacy of national and regional networks and organizations is key for them to have credibility in holding states accountable hence much emphasis will be put on ensuring internal democracy including through the promotion of representativeness and diversity in networks.

Child Led Initiative

Under save the children international; ‘Sida CSO Programme’ we have the ‘ Child Led Initiative programme, with the particular aim of promoting children participation and children agency.