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EACRN Annual Report 2021-2022

EACRN Annual Report

This Report comprises the report of EACRN Board, Secretariat and compiled reports from the Members of EACRN. It contains the activities of each, successes and achievements, challenges faced as well as proposed ways forward.

It is our hope that the Report reflects the position of the above-mentioned stakeholders as accurately as possible. The Report is important in documenting the journey of EACRN, appreciating the work done by all Members, recognizing the progress made by each, identifying the challenges faced and deliberating on proposed solutions and way forward.

EACRN Strategic plan

The Strategic Plan was developed using participatory
approaches involving all the relevant stakeholders and staff
members from EACRN.

Literature review of all the relevant documents was conducted
at the initial stages. In the development of the situational
analysis findings, key informant interviews were conducted
with network members, partners and representatives from the
EACRN secretariat and management committee.

Information extracted from the literature review and situational
analysis was then integrated with technical expertise from the
board, staff and partners during a strategic planning
development workshop.