Anita is a practicing Advocate in Kenya. She has experience in diverse fields such as research and advocacy. She has done research on Women in Governance at Utawala Africa Applied Research Institute. She also advocates for Children’s rights through the National Council on Administrative Justice in Kenya. She has participated in advocacy to increase civic awareness and particularly to promote youth participation in governance.
Anita is an active promoter of human rights, especially the right to education and good governance through writing and mentorship. Anita has a passion for community service and has volunteered with several organizations such as the International Citizen Service – Voluntary Services Organization (ICS-VSO). She also as a passion for planning and has organized two Innovate 4 Water conferences to promote access to clean and safe drinking water in Kenya.
For international presence and involvement, Anita is a member of the ACP-YPN Youth Forum where she contributes to dialogues on issues affecting youth in the region.